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Our Mission

Evergreen Community Partners is a nonprofit dedicated to developing affordable housing and supporting affordable housing residents in the Pacific Northwest.


We aim to help individuals, families and communities thrive developing, supporting and enhancing affordable housing in the Pacific Northwest.


In addition to development, we are committed to increasing resident security, stability and opportunity through informed, and practical resident  services and partnerships. 

Housing Development
Our Work

Secure and leverage resources to increase the supply of affordable housing in underserved markets for underserved communities 

Stimulate and support meaningful and long-term partnerships between developers and community based organizations

Partner with property managers and developers to reduce resident turnover and increase stability through short-term financial assistance 

Act as a resource for nontraditional and first-time developers to increase affordable housing supply and also those able to produce it 

Our Partnerships

In 2022 Evergreen will partner with 5 affordable housing developments across Oregon, with the opportunity to enhance available resources for resident services and retention when the buildings are ready for occupancy in 2024. Our development partnerships are listed below:

2021-3-21 Nestucca Ocean Illustration.jpg

Tillamook Apartments

Affordable at 60% AMI

46 Units

May 2022 Groundbreaking

2021-3-21 148th Illustration.jpg

Portland (148th) Apartments

Affordable at 0 - 60% AMI

96 Units

May 2022 Groundbreaking

2021-3-21 Molalla Illustration.jpg

Molalla Apartments

Affordable at 60% AMI

60 Units

June 2022 Groundbreaking

2021-3-22 Stayton Illustration.jpg

Stayton Apartments

Affordable at 60% AMI

72 Units

October 2022 Groundbreaking

2021-3-21 Mill City Illustration.jpg

Mill City Apartments

Affordable at 60% AMI

54 Units

October 2022 Groundbreaking

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